The Dream Volunteers experience is about deeply immersing yourself in the culture and communities you are serving. Through homestays or in group guest houses run by local families, you will be in very good hands. In most cases, you will reside in the towns where you are volunteering and travel as a group on various excursions.

Your health and safety are our top priority. All facilities have been fully vetted, the support staff well trained, and logistics planned carefully. Dietary restrictions or special accommodations needed? Not a problem. Our teams and hosts are experienced with global travelers and can usually accommodate most food requests.

While the conditions are basic, you are always in a clean, secure housing facility with safe drinking water and warm showers.



Dream Volunteers uses several housing options. All are clean and safe. We have a thorough verification process and have worked with all hosts for several years with our school groups and family trips as well as for individual travelers. You will be welcomed by local hosts eager to share their culture and hospitality. For most, these home connections are some of the fondest memories of the trips.

home stays


Home stays are arranged with families who have many years of experience hosting international guests. These families have been through vetting that involves health and safety certification as well as training. All are eager hosts that love to share their homes and culture with visitors. Volunteers receive three meals daily, lodging in a private room, a warm shower, and purified water. Living with a host family enables students to participate in daily family activities and social events and gives travelers the opportunity to work on language skills as well as their understanding of the culture and history of the country.

(Note: language proficiency is NOT required for home stays; with their years of experience, hosts are remarkably adept at creative communication and bilingual staff members are always accessible.)

guest homes


The guest houses are made up of several bedrooms and bathrooms, along with common dining and lounge areas. Some bedrooms have private bathrooms and some share a common bathroom down the hall. The conditions are typically modest. Food will be freshly prepared by experienced staff who use safe techniques to prevent any food-borne illnesses. You will have the opportunity to taste the specialties of the area as well as more international cuisines like pasta and pancakes. There is generally cable TV, WiFi access, and common areas for socializing and relaxing.

Volunteer bedroom in a host home.

Family-style lunch at the Guest House


Dream Volunteers wants to help you have an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime and we will help you every step of the adventure. From selecting your destination and arranging your travel logistics to snapping some of your favorite travel pics, we are there to support you! Local guides and staff know the insider secrets and tips to make your trip far more than the ordinary tourist experience.

Delicious Food

Safe and comfortable transport

Fun and knowledgeable guides

Exciting excursions and travel extensions

All trips include:


  • Pre-trip planning and travel support
  • In-country logistics coordination
  • A dedicated group leader
  • Airport pickup and drop-off
  • In-country transportation to all group activities
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Volunteer project coordination
  • Daily cultural activities
  • Adventure and sightseeing excursions
  • Housing and meals

Endless smiles & fun!!

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