Travel with Dream Volunteers is about more than tourism. It is about connecting with peers and families and immersing in the culture and traditions of the communities where we work. Our service-first itineraries make real impact in our partner communities while leaving time for adventures that include cultural exploration, reflection, and fun.




Pura Vida


Land of Eternal Spring


West Africa’s “Golden Child”


Cradle of Civilization


Land of the Ascending Dragon


Design Your Own Experience

a different way to see the world


We offer a truly different way to travel — an opportunity to deeply immerse in and get to know a community, to give back while taking in, and to adventure beyond the known, bringing home unique memories that will last a lifetime. 

When you travel with Dream Volunteers, you travel with a team that knows the country inside and out. From the moment you touch down in your destination, you are welcomed by local staff who are eager to share all that they love about their culture and country. These trip guides will be with you throughout your trip and quickly become trusted friends. You will appreciate their enthusiasm, value their knowledge and expertise, and rely on their careful attention to all the group needs and logistics. Upon arrival in the villages where you will serve, you will be welcomed with food and drink in whatever local tradition is common. You are greeted as friends and quickly become part of the extended “family.”  

Because we travel to some lesser-known destinations, you will also see parts of the country many other travelers may never get to. Every service trip includes an element of exploration and you will be introduced to places of immeasurable natural beauty and cultural wonders. Be sure to bring a camera, you will want to capture these memories!

And finally, because you are coming to serve, you will leave not as a tourist but with deep connections to the communities you visit. You will grow from the experience — you will learn about places and traditions that you may not have known about, you may deepen your language skills or comfort communicating with folks whose language is not your own, but most importantly you will also gain the confidence of having made a difference in a community that values your contribution.


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Expand your horizons. Give back while taking in. There are as many reasons to adventure as there are destinations to explore.
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