Go Beyond the Classroom with Your Students


Our 1- and 2-week trips immerse you and your students in experiential learning through community-directed service projects and cross-cultural connections. Our enduring relationships and educational equity initiatives in our host communities mean that our work transcends “voluntourism.” Whether working on an organic coffee farm in the cloud forest of Costa Rica or building a new elementary school in rural Guatemala, students open up their world as they volunteer, connect with international peers, experience local culture and reflect on their experience through our curriculum that develops key global citizenship skills.

Perhaps the best part is that we take care of all travel costs, planning, and logistics. From pre-trip meetings in-person or online to flight logistics and ground travel to daily itineraries, food allergies, and souvenir shopping — we’ve got you covered. You get to pack your bags and focus on what you do best.


The Experience

If you’d like your students to have new educational experiences while exploring the world, you’ve come to the right place. Service-learning and cultural immersion are part of every trip. Students quickly learn to improvise and gain confidence in their ability to communicate regardless of their language skills. In addition, our pre-written, core curriculum is rooted in global citizenship competencies and focuses on issues like climate change and sustainability, education, human rights, and social justice. Your students will serve, interact, and exchange while expanding their perspectives and their contextual references.


Find Out How to Start Your Journey

Life-Changing Travel for You and Your Students

Benefits for Your Students


  • Learning outside the classroom
  • Support community-driven, long-term   service projects
  • Mutually beneficial impact (exchange,   service, growth)
  • Cross-cultural connections made with   peers in other countries
  • Language exposure and development
  • Broaden global competency
  • Increase circle of empathy

Benefits for You


  • Teacher/school representative travels at   no cost
  • Visit fascinating communities in Ghana,   Guatemala, Costa Rica, India and   Vietnam
  • Share a meaningful experience with   your students
  • Engage your students in authentic   cultural immersion and cross-cultural   connections
  • Work with a trusted partner with a 14-   year track record
  • We do all the planning and behind-the-scenes work

Worry-Free Travel

 Dream Volunteers will:

  • Take care of all logistical planning and preparation
  • Facilitate the pre-departure curriculum
  • Facilitate the in-country program   experience
  • Operate the health and safety protocols
  • Ensure you and your school are covered by   Dream Volunteers insurance policy

Now What?


We offer volunteer trips to five locations around the world.


Contact us to begin the process of planning your students’ trip.


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Christine Muir Parker
High School Biology Teacher


“In my experience as a student, teacher and life-long learner, there is no better way to learn and teach than with authentic, meaningful, interdisciplinary curriculum which completely immerses all learners. These new experiences, rich with purpose, push us beyond our own comfort zones to create a united community of learners. We are all students; we are all teachers. This bond in learning is rare in the classroom and difficult to replicate. My philosophy is that global education programs should be transformative, rigorous, field-based learning, grounded in the culture and socio-economics of a region. Dream Volunteers creates such global education programs!”

Aukeem Ballard
Teacher & School Administrator


“As an educator I long to ensure my students see learning not just as a set of conversations and debates in a four-walled classroom but rather as a way of seeing the world–a lifelong pursuit of becoming.  Over 7 trips with Dream Volunteers across 5 countries, I have come to realize that the dream of inspiring my students minds to grow forever has also done the same for my heart in mind.  Seeing their hearts learn alongside their minds enables me to enter a space of re-imagining what it means to engage with the world around me in a way that is necessary to confront the ever-changing reality of our global citizenry!”

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