Recently we added a new platform — My Dream Fund — to enable trip participants to “crowdfund” contributions toward their trip fees. Please note that this platform is for contributions from friends and family that offset your personal trip fees and expenses, and not charitable donations. It is an easy way to share what you are doing with others in your social network and help you alleviate the investment cost in participating in a formative programs such as our Dream Volunteers Trips. [For those interested in crowdfunding for charitable purposes, please see our “Fund-A-Dream” platform, which operates very similarly.]

It takes just a few steps to set up your page. Then share the link and your message! You can build an individual campaign or a group effort if you are traveling with classmates or peers. Share on social media, via text or email, or ask people to donate on your behalf in lieu of gifts.

Here’s how to get started!

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Tips & Tricks

For more tips on creating an impactful campaign, check out this guide.

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