Serving and Building Community

The communities where Dream Volunteers operates are hungry for meaningful change and lasting impact. Dream Volunteers is a partner in these community-led efforts to move forward. We act as a bridge, opening access to resources and opportunities. Through youth empowerment, education and service, that meaningful and lasting change we all desire to see is made possible.

Local Service

At Dream Volunteers, we are on a mission to empower young people to become the social changemakers they aspire to be. We believe in the joy of doing good and the power of purpose — the fulfillment that comes from engaging in the community and helping others and the opportunities for growth and leadership that arise through service and engagement!

YDN Tutoring Community

International Schools

For many Young Dreamers around the globe, schooling is not a “right” but a privilege, and often an inaccessible one. In an effort to provide maximum support to our international students and ensure they have the greatest chance at achieving their dreams and receiving a quality education, Dream Volunteers founded and operates our own schools in Guatemala and India.


In places around the world where formal education is inaccessible to many, and where we do not operate a school ourselves, we make it financially possible for youth to achieve their academic potential. We believe that education is the key to unlocking the innovative talents and visionary potential of our young people who have the greatest chance at transforming their communities.

Mariana Young Dreamer
Childrens scholarships for education

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