Our Impact

Educated and globally connected youth creating a more just world 

For more than 15 years, we’ve empowered youth to step outside their comfort zones and enter on a journey to become changemakers in their communities. Dream Volunteers carries out its mission through four core pillars.

Core Impact Pillars

Dream Volunteers provides academic access and beyond-the-classroom experiences for students in the U.S., Vietnam, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala and India. 

Students, educators, and families gain a whole new perspective on the world (and themselves) through our service trips and custom gap programs.

Whether organic farming in Costa Rica, sorting food in the U.S., or launching a tutoring center in India, the projects are always locally-selected and locally-led.

Our students create lasting bonds across borders, both in-person and online, that deepen their understanding of cultures, languages and perspectives.

We Are Investing In The Future

Future Changemakers

Today more than ever, we need strong leaders, moral courage, and bold innovation. Our goal at Dream Volunteers is to inspire and empower a generation of confident, compassionate, and creative global citizens who will take action in their communities and the world. Meet some of these courageous young people who are already making an impact.




“Everything about my current life, including my studies, hobbies and relationships has been influenced by Young Dreamers.”




“Being a part of this program has inspired me to take action in my community by leading the charge against plastic waste.”




“[Dream Volunteers] turns dreams into reality. I have realized my academic and personal development through this program.”

Dream Volunteers is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Because of our unique business model enabling us to self-fund operations, we are able to devote 100% of donor and sponsor contributions directly to student scholarships and development programs. Every dollar you give goes directly to our future changemakers.

The Global Nature of
the Program

Dream Volunteers is a service travel organization that gives back 100% of proceeds to the students, families and communities we travel.

Costa Rica





United States


I felt immersed in the town of Providencia and with my host family. I was warmly welcomed by the Young Dreamers and their families. I learned so much while exploring the area.


Student, Costa Rica

I feel more confident in my ability to take action and adequately plan to make a larger impact.


Student, Ghana

This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It was amazing to be immersed in the culture and meet such wonderful people. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. It was also great to know that I was making an impact on something important.


Student, Costa Rica

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