Known as West Africa’s “golden child” in part for its massive gold deposits and its sunny beaches (the “gold coast”), Ghana was also the first African nation to successfully achieve independence from the European colonists. A stable, fast-growing multi-party democracy since 1957, the country is now lauded as one of the continent’s greatest success stories. Rich offshore oil deposits and cocoa (as well as gold and other minerals) have funded Ghana’s continued economic development, and the country has invested in education and the development of industry.

As much as Ghana is a great place to visit, there is still need. The majority of Ghana’s population lives in rural regions and is involved in agriculture. Primary education is free, but secondary schools are in short supply, as are healthcare facilities outside of the major cities. A large population of people with AIDS and HIV has also led to a significant number of young orphans, and there is little support for the disabled or chronically ill. Our volunteers work with local schools to improve their classrooms and interact with their children.

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what you will remember …

the music

Ghana has its own blend of hip hop, jazz, and traditional African music and dance and a strong tradition of Rastafarian reggae. Drums and dance are part of the country’s soul, and the intricate beats of the djembes play as a constant soundtrack almost everywhere you visit. It is happy music that lures people onto their feet.

the diversity

Ghana is a remarkably diverse country. Home to more than 100 ethnic groups and 70 dialects, the country also has diverse ecology ranging from coastal savannahs to tropical jungles, including spectacular rivers and waterfalls and the world’s largest manmade lake. There are bustling cities, a burgeoning tech industry and national preserves teeming with a wide range of wildlife.

the hospitality

Family and friends (new and old) are of utmost importance in Ghana. There is a hierarchy and a formality to social interactions, but politeness and hospitality are universal. Ghanaians enjoy entertaining visitors and go out of their way to ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. You may come a visitor, but will leave as family.

ghana service projects

Projects are based on community needs and vary from trip to trip. Here are examples from recent trips.

The Young Dreamers Network hosts a youth summit
Meeting up with local Young Dreamers in Accra

ghana travel highlights

In addition to volunteering, you will have time to travel and explore some of the many highlights the country has to offer.

Learning about cocoa in the botanical gardens

Shopping for beads in Koforidua

A view of Accra from the ridge

Headed to a match

Laundry day

Strangler figs in the Botanical Gardens

People-watching in Accra

Colorful musical celebrations

Kyinkyinga favorite street food

Independence Day festivities in Koforidua


From playing soccer with local kids to attending an official ceremony with a Tribal Chief, to helping launch a job-training facility for the community of Koforidua, this trip was a completely rewarding and exciting experience!


Student Volunteer

This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It was amazing to be immersed in the culture and meet such wonderful people. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. It was also great to know that I was making an impact on something important.


Student Volunteer

Every bit of the trip was filled with an infectious positive energy. It not only made for a fun trip, but set a really high bar for the kinds of communities I hope to find in my life, and an even higher bar for how I should treat others.


Student Volunteer

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