Guatemala volunteer helping a school

Building Bridges

Whether you’re 16 or 60, we all crave a sense of connection and meaning. Now more than ever, people are in need of a real human connection that goes beyond scrolling on their phones or their number of “followers”  —  but that’s not always easy to find. 

Here’s the good news. When we open ourselves up to making connections with the world around us, the doors of opportunity and personal growth begin to open. That’s where Dream Volunteers comes in. Our global learning community brings young people together from around the world, both in-person and online. 

Our programs give students an opportunity to create meaningful connections across borders. Our students create lasting bonds across borders that deepen their understanding of cultures, languages and perspectives.


Bridging Cultures

Doing art together

Eating together

Exploring together

Laughing together

Playing together

Serving together

Travel With Us

While COVID-19 has put most of our international travel experiences on hold for the moment, we hope to resume trips as soon as it is safe. These international experiences enable students to expand their horizons, make new connections, and give back while taking in.  There are as many reasons to adventure as there are destinations to explore. Check out these limited service travel adventures and stay tuned for more to come in late summer 2021.

Let’s talk… We’d love to find a way to collaborate!