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The next generation of changemakers

"The way we engage young people today will determine the prospects for sustainable development and peace... They are our future." ⎯ United Nations Development Program

Young Dreamer Network is a global service and leadership program for middle and high school students to develop the awareness, commitment, confidence, and skills to engage in their communities and develop as leaders. In some parts of the world, that also means access to schools and secondary education.

Participating in our programs, these motivated students develop social awareness, individual responsibility, tenacity, and empathy. They learn to problem-solve and collaborate. Students have the opportunity to thoughtfully engage in the community and to take on leadership in helping to drive positive change.

How does the program work?

In the US

Middle and high school students participate in local community service projects and campus workshops about social justice, leadership, and community action throughout the school year via school-based chapter programs.

They then have the option to collaborate with their peers overseas on international service-learning trips around the globe during the summer.

Around the Globe

Many students are not fortunate to have access to quality education and our international support starts with academic scholarships to cover tuition, transportation, and uniforms, allowing these students to complete their secondary studies.

These students also participate in chapter-based service and leadership programs in their local communities, virtual exchanges with other international students, and on-site projects with service trip participants when they are not in school.


We leverage a model of reflection, introspection, and discussion, and immerse in an array of complex community issues.  Students debate, ideate, and problem-solve.

Peers from schools all over the globe connect, share with, and engage each other, discovering their passions, how to mobilize for impact, and how to negotiate group dynamics.

Tomorrow's leaders, changing the world today

serving the community

"Young Dreamers is connecting teens to our community through service and civic engagement." -- John Seybert, former RWC Mayor

"One of the things I love about this program is watching the kids grow. They are becoming who they are going to be in thee future and it's really helping shape them in a compassionate, wordly way." -- Eric, parent 

learning leadership

"You see the students transform. They start the program curious but they graduate as motivated and experienced student leaders having led their peers to engage in the community, tackle important school and community issues, and make real change. As a teacher, it's inspiring to see that growth." -- Emma, teacher and program advisor

"The Young Dreamer chapters that have come to serve with us in Guatemala have brought focus, determination and open minds so that we can all provide something to one another."- - Erbin, Guatemala Program Director

creating connections

"Through my time in Young Dreamers, I have been able to make lasting friendships, become a much better leader, and know that I have the ability to make a change." -- Kiran, Young Dreamer

"Honestly every decision I have made — from which school to go to [for college] to which major and which internships and which career options I am looking at — everything has been dictated by my experiences with this program." – Allegra, Young Dreamer

"It's inspiring to be around kids my own age who are volunteering just because they want to, not because they have to. I didn't even know everyone that well but these are now some of my closest friends." -- Nora, Young Dreamer

becoming empowered

"When I first started hearing about all the problems around the world and the issues facing our planet, I thought, ''Someone really needs to do something.' Now I realize that someone is us."  – Kelly, Young Dreamer

"I guess I didn't realize how one little action could lead to another and something that I could start could become real change. We, right here in this room, we can make a difference." – Tyler, Young Dreamer

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