A Trusted Partner

Operating dozens of trips every year in countries all over the globe, Dream Volunteers has developed a successful formula for ensuring the safety of all participants. From knowledgeable local staff members and on-the-ground, in-country operations support to established food and safety procedures, 24-hour emergency support, and vetted housing options, Dream Volunteers manages all of the details so you don't have to, allowing you to get the most out of your trip without the stress. [See Health & Safety for more information about Dream Volunteer's commitment to your peace of mind.]

Personal Growth

Participating in a service trip is about give-and-receive. That is why we take time for reflection and processing. Participants return home with a broadened outlook on life, having realized that they gained as much as they gave simply by stepping out of their comfort zones and immersing themselves in a new culture, new community, and new experience. They develop a profound appreciation and gratitude, a sense of empowerment, and a feeling of responsibility to not wait for others to act but to make the difference they want to see happen.

Deep Immersion

Because we support local youth in the communities we serve through our year-round Young Dreamer Network scholarship program, we have the trust and open arms of the community. Dream Volunteers service trips are about immersion – you may arrive as a "voluntourist" but you will leave as a valued member of the community, having made significant connections with the local people. You live, work, and play with your hosts for the week, forging ways of communicating that defy language barriers and exploring each other's culture and customs.

Meaningful Service

Tapping into our network of Young Dreamers around the globe, Dream Volunteers is able to craft service projects in close collaboration with the local community. The projects are conceived of and designed by locals to meet the very specific needs of the community and what matters most to them. Working side-by-side with our local Young Dreamers, service trip participants will learn how and why their work has impact. The projects always fall under the categories of education or the environment.

Amazing Adventures

Work hard, play hard is our mantra. Dream Volunteers visits some of the most remarkable destinations in the world. When you're not making a difference in the lives of others, you will see breathtaking natural landscapes and attractions, share in local community traditions and events, and come home with memories for a lifetime. These countries have so much to offer, and we'll make sure you experience lots of it while on your trip.