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student voices

“[This trip] has given me a new perspective and new ideas to help my community.”

Michigan High School Student

Costa Rica Service Trip 2019

“I will forever be grateful for the amazing opportunity to travel to Vietnam with Dream Volunteers because I got to firsthand experience the beauty of Vietnamese culture while meeting such amazing people. I was able to serve and spread love to others on a global platform, which in turn made me more grateful for the life I live and the opportunities I’ve been given.”


Vietnam service trip 2019

“The people, work, and environments I have encountered over the course of this trip have all been nothing short of inspiring and I plan to use my newfound knowledge and sense of place in the world to create an impact despite my self imposed limitations.”

Alabama High School Student

Costa Rica Service Trip 2019

“The Dream Volunteers Gap Year Program gave me an awesome opportunity to explore the world and gain a perspective most students could not otherwise gain. The experience was worthwhile for me and I would recommend it to any graduating students because the hands on experience is an excellent way to see the world.”


Gap Year 2019

“This experience was truly eye opening and one of a lifetime. The memories that I have on this trip and the emotions that I felt as it came to a close will stay with me in my memory throughout my entire life, as will the feeling of making an immediate, lasting and exponential impact on a place that needs it.”
California High School Student

Costa Rica Service Trip 2019

“I am never going to forget the things I saw, things that are going to make me stop and think before I judge someone over something they maybe don’t have control over, or stop to pick up trash on the street.”
California High School Student

Costa Rica Service Trip 2019

“In the future, I am going to continue to move forward focusing on how to make a difference in whatever way I can. This means not settling for mediocrity. I will be extraordinary because i have the drive. Because of this trip, I am going to take a leap.”

Michigan High School Student

Costa Rica Service Trip 2019

“I would recommend this program to anyone looking to find themselves and to become more confident in themselves.”


Gap Year 2017

“This experience has made me reevaluate my role in the world. I carry the memories of the people I have met with me everywhere I go.”


India Service Trip 2015

“Participating in the Dream Volunteers gap year program was an amazing experience that allowed me to step far beyond my comfort zone. As a result, I became a more independent, resourceful, and conscious person. It taught me the importance of giving back to my community and sparked my interest in the environment, which is the reason I have chosen to study Environmental Studies, along with Mathematics in college. If it wasn’t for this program I wouldn’t feel nearly as prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.”


Gap Year 2018

“It was a great choice to go to Vietnam with Dream Volunteers because it really was an eye opening experience that passed my expectations. Going to Vietnam was really different than anything else because most of it was about communication and establishing connections with local teenagers, despite not speaking a word of their language.”


Vietnam Service Trip 2019

“I’ll never forget the people I met and hope to further impact their lives in the future because they have strongly impacted mine.”

University of Arizona Student

Guatemala Service Trip 2019

“This trip was an amazing experience that has helped me see my life and others in a new perspective. Going forward, I can say that I can see how blessed I am and all the things I take for granted. This trip has impacted the way that I see my education, family, friends, etc.”

Ontario, Canada High School Student

Guatemala Service Trip 2019

“These trips immerse young adults like me in diverse cultures and inspire us to take initiative and develop passions against racial, gender, and social inequalities. By immersing myself in different cultures and backgrounds it reminds me of the many communities our world is made up of. It is not only important to make a difference in these local communities, but also essential to bring this passion of change to our home communities.”


Guatemala & Costa Rica Service Trips

“This trip has made my more empathetic and able to sympathize with those who don’t have has much, seeing the familes’ homes and where they live has made me more grateful for what I do have and it has also made me more motivated to help others who are less fortunate.”

California High School Student

India Service Trip 2019

“The Dream Volunteers’ Gap Year was the right choice for me because it helped me grow out of my comfort zone and it gave me the opportunity to see how many different cultures live and thrive in their own communities.”


Gap Year 2019

“I knew the WorldStamp gap year program was right for me from the moment I heard about it. Three months in three different countries seemed perfect. I also wanted to dedicate my gap year year to service work and WorldStamp was the perfect opportunity for that.”


Gap Year 2015-2016

“The trips are the perfect combination of volunteer work and tourist activities, which allows for a humbling and eye-opening experience.”

California High School Student

India Service Trip 2019

“If there is one thing [I hope to] remember, it is that life is a lot cooler when you’re experiencing it firsthand and extraordinary things happen when you realize time is precious!”


Gap Year 2016-17

“I met many local people on this trip that I hope to continue to keep in touch with. I also was often pushed out of my comfort zone which now makes me more open to trying new things.”

California High School Student

Vietnam Service Trip 2019

parent perspectives

“My child came away feeling energized and excited – she would like to do another one – this is testament to the overall quality and care that went into her first trip.”


Guatemala Service Trip 2019

“It has really opened his eyes to how even small actions and contributions can have a ripple effect to make change. It has made him more aware of his own impact on the world. It has given him a far greater understanding of a community that is very different yet so much the same. Pretty big stuff for a 13 year old.”


Costa Rica Service Trip 2019

“This trip helped my whole family have a better understanding of the rest of the world and others in the US living in poverty. It felt great to help others. It is such a meaningful experience.”

Heather, Parent & Participant

Guatemala Service Trip 2012 & 2016

“The work in the village was meaningful and personal.There was a real opportunity to learn, meet and interact with those we there there to help. I intended this for a growth experience for my young sons, but I came away changed as well.”

Parent Participant

Guatemala Service Trip

“The Vietnam Service Trip with Dream Volunteers was a transformative experience for my son and me. Having been on multiple DV trips, all meaningful, this one provided even greater opportunities for special connections with the local Young Dreamers, more intense cultural encounters, and a chance for everyone to step further outside their comfort zones.  Our trip was the perfect blend of service, cultural appreciation, and inner growth.”

Randi, Parent

Vietnam, Guatemala, & Costa Rica

“This experience gave my child the opportunity to travel independently while also helping a well deserving community. It has also made her more aware of her impact on the environment and she has began to share that with us. We are all going to work towards making changes.”


Costa Rica Service Trip 2019

“We have seen the impact immediately. A bigger focus on the environment and a strong determination to return to Vietnam to foster ongoing relationships and to travel to other locations to continue the work of Dream Volunteers!”


Vietnam Service Trip 2019

“This experience was absolutely amazing! [Our daughter] has developed a new appreciation of being environmentally conscious and how green living supports a better environment. In addition, she felt like she really made a difference in helping others in the community. She LOVED her host family and the connections she made with them and the other students was remarkable. Thank you for an experience she will remember forever.”


Costa Rica Service Trip 2019

trip leader views

“Dream Volunteers sets teachers up for success in every way possible. They cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ from the moment you leave the states until the moment you return. Communication is impeccable and I felt that the safety of my group was always the first priority. Every individual I spoke with and encountered along the way was knowledgeable, respectful, and most importantly, passionate about the work they are doing.”

Ms. Card

Middle School Math Teacher, Woodside Middle School

“I spent a week in Guatemala with students from my school and Dream Volunteers. The experience was well planned and well organized from beginning to end. Brian and his team made sure that students understood the nature and importance of the work, as well as factors contributing to the obstacles regularly encountered by the local population. Brian’s in-depth knowledge of the area and of the people who live there made this a rich and personal experience for all of us; we were able to meet and hear the amazing stories of folks who benefit directly from the work that Dream Volunteers does. The experience in Guatemala with Dream Volunteers not only enabled us all to carry away a life changing experience – it fueled a desire to do more.”

Mr. Morris

Asst. Head of Upper School, Priory

“Dream Volunteers is a great partner. Theirs is truly a different way to travel and has changed how our students see the world and their roles in it. It is thrilling to be able to offer our students this kind of experience … and to do so with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that Dream Volunteers is there looking after all the details.”

Mr. Purcell

Head of Keys Middle School (Palo Alto, CA)

“The staff in Costa Rica was highly professional and skilled. I was able to deepen my mentoring relationship with students, while being an active participant in their personal development. I received phone calls, emails, and texts that were supportive and coached me through the process of being a safe, prepared, and effective leader who had strong communication skills with student families.”

Mr. Gravelle-Izaguirre

High School World History Teacher, Summit Public Schools, CA

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