"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  

– Nelson Mandela

DreamVolunteers is an organization with a deep-seated mission to facilitate change through education and empowerment. We invest deeply in our Young Dreamers and the communities in which they live and serve -- with academic and service scholarships for aspiring and motivated students, through targeted investments to support educational access in rural communities, and with leadership development programs reinforcing the values and commitment to community reinvestment. Here are some of our most signficant and long-running programs.

Academic Scholarships

In too many places around the world, education is a privilege, not a right, and not even an accessible possibility for many. And yet, education is the key to unlocking the entrepreneurial talents and visionary potential of our young people who have the potential to transform their communities.

As part of our international program, Young Dreamer Network provides scholarships to promising young dreamers around the world, ensuring that these students are equipped with the skills and opportunities to pursue their life dreams in ways that impacts their entire communities. These academic scholarships help cover tuition, transportation, and uniforms, allowing these highly motivated students to stay in school and complete their studies. So many of our alumni are now at the stage where they are returning to their communities and stepping into leadership roles as teachers, managers, and village council members.

Costa Rica





Service Scholarships

Our Young Dreamers live all over the world and have big ambitions, for themselves and the impact they want to have on the world. While all are active in their local communities, not all of them have the financial means to travel and partner with their global peers on our international service trips. Through financial sponsorships from generous donors, we are able to extend our reach deeper into our communities and schools, enabling more students to participate in our programs.

These life-changing experiences give them a new perspective on the world and their place in it. For many of these students, these trips are their first ever experience away from home. Traveling, participating in home stays, and collaborating with peers and community leaders on important service projects, the students gain confidence while stepping far outside their comfort zones.


Young Women’s Empowerment Groups

In Guatemala and India, we have made a conscious effort to concentrate our support on girls and young women, providing them not only with scholarships, but a comprehensive Young Women's Empowerment Program that develops them as leaders and provides a forum for discussing important issues such as women's health and safety and personal rights and protection. These young women form a network and a support system for each other as they learn from and in turn become mentors to others in their community.

"Educating girls doesn't just transform their life prospects—it transforms the prospects of their families, communities, and nations. When girls get the opportunities they deserve, amazing things start to happen: poverty goes down, economies grow, families get stronger, and babies are born healthier. And the world, by all accounts, gets better. "  – Michelle Obama

Elephant Village School, Jaipur, India

After several years of supporting youth through scholarships and service programs in India, Dream Volunteers launched our first school on the outskirts of Jaipur in 2015. Inspired by the fact that the Elephant Village had existed for 500 years without a state-funded school, a team of our Gap Year volunteers first came together with our local partners in India to provide tutors and volunteer teachers to more than 20 children in the village. Over the following two years, that seed of an idea grew into a full-fledged school which now employees three certified teachers delivering a full, standard curriculum to more than 40 children that would otherwise have no access to local schooling.

Liceo Bilingue Young Dreamers, Antigua, Guatemala

The success of the Elephant Village School in India allowed us to recognize another opportunity in Guatemala and we are now embarking on the launch of our second school. The school in Antigua (opening January 2019) will serve a mix of full tuition-paying students from Antigua and scholarship recipients from our Young Dreamer program in neighboring Vuelta Grande. These schools allow more students access to quality teachers, materials, and school environments they so desperately desire, the operational efficiencies to support more financial scholarships, and an exciting venue for many of our volunteers to provide classroom support.


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