For many Young Dreamers around the globe, schooling is not a “right” but a privilege, and often an inaccessible one. In an effort to provide maximum support to our international Young Dreamers and ensure they have the greatest chance at achieving their dreams and receiving a quality education, Dream Volunteers founded and operates our own schools in Guatemala and India.

In both schools, students from kindergarten through high school attend a full day, with a complete academic curriculum. English is taught at both schools, and we will soon be transitioning them to become bilingual schools. By operating our own schools, we can weave our leadership and service curriculum into the daily learning routine of the Young Dreamers. We can also run exchange programs with students from other countries visiting for anywhere from one month to one school year. Most importantly, we can extend our reach deeper into the community, allowing more students access to the quality education and opportunities they so eagerly seek.


After several years of supporting youth through scholarships and service programs in India, Dream Volunteers launched our first school on the outskirts of Jaipur in 2015. Inspired by the fact that the Elephant Village had existed for 500 years without a state-funded school, a team of our Gap Year volunteers first came together with our local partners in India to provide tutors and volunteer teachers to more than 20 children in the village.

Over the following two years, that seed of an idea grew into a full-fledged school which now employees three certified teachers delivering a full, standard curriculum to more than 40 children that would otherwise have no access to local schooling.



The success of the Elephant Village School in India allowed us to recognize another opportunity in Guatemala and we are now embarking on the launch of our second school. The school in Antigua (opened January 2019) will serve a mix of partial scholarship and full tuition-paying students from Antigua and full scholarship recipients from our Young Dreamer program in neighboring Vuelta Grande.

Like the Elephant Village School, the Liceo Bilingue Young Dreamers will allow more students access to quality teachers, materials, and the supportive school environments they so desperately desire, as well as the operational efficiencies to support more financial scholarships, and an exciting venue for many of our volunteers to provide classroom and campus support.

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