Dream Big Now! is a program for high school and middle school students eager to give back to their communities, discover and develop their own passion projects, and connect with other inspiring young people making a positive impact around the world. This service and leadership development program combines COVID-safe local service activities and an online curriculum and coaching led by experienced teachers. The workshops encourage peer collaboration and self-discovery and empower small teams to design and execute their own change-maker projects.

The programs are separate for middle and high school students in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, and focus on leadership development taught by credentialed teachers.

For More Info email fall@dreamvolunteers.org or call 415.317.0884

Dream Big Now: Session 1

August 31 – October 11
Schedule: 6-weeks: Mon/Wed; 3 weekend service days
Price: $400 

Dream Big Now: Session 2

August 31 – October 11
Schedule: 6-weeks: Tues/Thurs; 3 weekend service days
Price: $400

* Scholarships available. Don’t let cost be an issue. Learn more.

Typical Online Session Agenda
 (45-75 mins)

  • quick game or ice breaker
  • spotlight on a young changemaker
  • explore root cause of a problem such as racism
  • interact with our students abroad
  • work with small team of peers & your mentor on changemaker project

Typical Service Day Agenda
(weekends, 3-4 hours)

  • connecting our work to the bigger picture
  • begin service work (e.g., habitat restoration, food sorting, assembling care packages, organic farming)
  • break/team building
  • resume service work
  • journaling/reflection

Program Elements

Meaningful Service Projects

Peer Collaboration

Local Volunteers with Young Dreamer Network

Interactive Online Sessions

Sustainable Development Service Projects

Led by Experienced Teachers

Field Journal for Reflection Sessions

Connect with our Students Abroad

Education Service Projects


The program has taught me the impact of doing community service and the amazing amount of bonding we can do and the difference we can make by working together as a team and being guided by great leaders.”



Lisa and Vincent both had a wonderful experience on your Dream Volunteers Summer Program. The camp was very well done. We were impressed. Thank you for all your hard work



This experience has allowed me to empathize with and learn about those who live differently from me. I’ve realized that although we have our differences, there are many ways in which we are the same. This program has also inspired me to continue with my community service work.



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