Expanding my Comfort Zone in Vietnam

I made it to Vietnam! It's hard to believe I have completed half of my World Stamp gap year experience. It's been two months since I've been away from home and I am also missing India so certainly these past few days have been a bit strange. Nevertheless, upon my arrival, I really enjoyed seeing a new scenery. It's definitely different from the streets of Jaipur and will get some getting used to. However, a skill I have acquired on this journey is being able to adjust to change and how to expand my comfort zone. It can be overwhelming, however I realize that change is the only thing constant in life and it's important to be able to perceive it in a positive way. Therefore, although I feel a little hesitant to be in a new place, I'm learning to transition to new experiences quickly and fully: wholeheartedly without comparison, ready to create more memories.

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Giving Thanks on my WorldStamp Journey

Tonight's host family dinner in Vietnam was extra special. Ironically, it was on the same day as Thanksgiving back home! Sure, it wasn't exactly like the traditional Thanksgiving festivities but I felt so blessed to be surrounded by delicious authentic Vietnamese food and most importantly, by great company; and that for me is enough to manifest what the holiday is really about.

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