What is Catalyst?

Catalyst represents a lifestyle that involves living symbiotically with our environment and each other. Chapters are in place to connect like-minded people to restore our planet to a healthy state and to allow all who desire to fully participate in our society.

What makes Catalyst unique?

Catalyst is a progressive project that takes initiative to address major environmental and social issues. The program connects groups of people practicing sustainable living on a daily basis. Catalyst is committed to ensuring that our planet and its inhabitants are able to thrive.

How can I get involved?

First and foremost, you can get involved by adopting this new, socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle, detailed in the guidelines section of our web site.  Start simply -- make gradual changes to the way you live, so as to make them stick.  In addition, join or create a Catalyst Chapter in your community to involve others in this lifestyle, and to engage in community service and various activities related to the mission.  To join a pre-existing chapter, add yourself to their group when adding your profile to our website. You also need to join their Facebook group.  To create your own chapter, see the chapter creation page for a description of the process.  To join as an individual, simply add your profile to our web site, and begin tracking your progress as you modify the way you live.

Can anyone join?

Yes! Anyone with an interest in reversing our global direction by living with an environmental and social conscience can become a Catalyst.

Who is already involved?

All kinds of people - from college students to parents to businesspeople. There are currently chapters in Argentina, Costa Rica, India, Ghana, Germany, Guatemala, United States and Vietnam.

Does it cost money to join?

No. However, while it does not cost money to join, members who want to either join the service trips or participate in group activities must pay separately and/or support fundraising efforts.

Is the focus only on environmental issues?

This movement is not just about the environment. While Catalyst does focus heavily on reducing our carbon footprint and restoring our planet to a healthy state, another aspect of the program is to unite people with similar mindsets to serve areas of social need. Members of Catalyst serve locally based on chapter interest and community need. Catalyst participates in socially-oriented volunteer work on an international level, through trips to India, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Vietnam, and Ghana.

What kinds of events and community service activities does Catalyst do?

Our events and activities are centered around supporting both environmental and social issues.  Chapters come together at least twice a month. Once for a monthly meeting which entails announcements, planning and sharing relevant information. The second monthly meeting will be an activity or community service project.  These activities depend heavily on the interests of chapter members, but can include movies, guest speakers, trips to the local farmer’s market, vegan cooking classes, and more.  Community service opportunities range from preparing and serving meals at a homeless shelter to cleaning up a local park to tree planting projects.

How can I be involved in international service through Catalyst?

Catalyst is a Dream Volunteers Program. Dream Volunteers coordinates volunteer trips to India, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Vietnam and Ghana. As a member of Catalyst, you will participate in these volunteer trips, and immerse yourself in the local cultures while engaging in meaningful service work.

What is the purpose of the fundraising efforts?

Catalyst directly supports a charity called Young Dreamer Network. YDN exists to empower teens to become difference makers in their communities both locally and globally. They are identifying challenges our world faces and are addressing these challenges through strategic actions. In the U.S. our program entails leadership development, service-learning, international volunteer trips and after-school workshops at local high schools. In our international locations, YDN includes the aforementioned components along with academic scholarships for promising youth to attend quality secondary schools. These are youth who live in places where school is a privilege not a right, and their parents are unable to pay for them to attend secondary school.