1. Recruit members.  Reach a wide range of people by social media posts, flyers (digital or printed), messages to people who may be interested or a booth in a well populated area. 
  2. Plan and hold an information session.  Make sure to spread the word beforehand and encourage anyone who may be interested to come.  Click here for an available presentation option.  The information in the notes section of the powerpoint should be reviewed prior to the info session.
  3. Register your chapter here Create a Facebook group for your chapter and be sure to join other chapter leaders in this Facebook group.  Keep this page updated so that members remain informed about upcoming meetings and events. 
  4. Hold monthly meetings and service events.  We have provided resources for meeting layout and ideas.  These suggestions include get to know you activities, relayal of important information, question and answer sessions, discussions, etc.  Ideally, there will be a group gathering every two weeks.  For example, groups could meet at the beginning of each month and hold a service event/social activity two weeks later.
  5. Collaborate and share with the advisory board at least once a month through emails, Facebook, and phone calls.  When needed, the board can be contacted at any time. 
  6. Continue to recruit members and hold meetings.  As the group grows, so will its influence.  Encourage active members to regularly update their progress on lifestyle and events.  Continue developing the current group.   

Each chapter should have its own board containing the following positions:

Technology coordinator: Keep members updated about upcoming events and opportunities through weekly emails, texts, social media announcements, etc. Responsible for upkeep of the Facebook page.

Treasurer: Keep track of the chapter budget and income. Responsible for the advertisement and sale of apparel and merchandise. Plan and discuss budgeting for chapter events and trips with the group.

Event coordinator: Plan and schedule events. Responsible for all details including times, days, locations, etc. Should be available to help others with planning individual service events. Optional: committees for bigger events in which people could sign up on Facebook or at a meeting.

Secretary: Take minutes at meetings. Responsible for the sign in sheet and reminding absent members about participation through email or text reminders.

President: Oversees the board to ensure all officers are doing their jobs correctly and efficiently. Offer help with whatever is needed whenever needed and act as the mediator when there are board conflicts. Responsible for scheduling board meetings and events.

  • Plan and discuss schedule for the upcoming month
  • Determine event locations and activities
  • Hold each other accountable for personal progress
  • If planning for the group to watch a movie or read a book, must complete the activity beforehand in order to plan discussions. Suggestions for these books and movies come from chapter members.
  • Select possible articles or current events of importance to discuss with chapter.
  • Discuss and share pictures or write ups about what the chapter has been doing on the website.
  • Executive board meetings should take place once a month.